Essay: My Congressional Representative

17 Oct

Essay: My Congressional Representative

Sample Essay

The congressional house of the United States is normally called the lower house. My congressional district is Alaska-At Large. The district comprise of the entire Alaska State.  My congressional representative is Young Don who has continued to represent my congressional district since the year 1973. This district is a dominantly and safe zone for the Republican Party. His interests relates to ensuring that people’s lives are made better through ensuring that the transport and communication networks of the people are streamlined.

One of the major reasons that explain why Young was elected to office is that he is a republican and the district has always voted Republican Party way. The stream of development projects he has initiated in the district also explains why he was elected in leadership. He has for a very long time chaired the house infrastructure and transportation committee. He is currently a member of the subcommittees on mineral resources and energy; national parks, public lands and forests; and insular related affairs. Don’s contact information is as follows; For his Shington D.C offices, his contacts are 2111 Rayburn House Office Building in the District of Columbia who code is 20515-0201. His phone number is (202) 225-5765 while the fax is (202) 225-0425. On the other hand, his Chorage office contacts are as follows; 510 L Street, the suit is Suite 580 Anchorage of the Alaska State whose code is 99501-1954. At this office station, Young can be reached through the phone number (907) 271-5978 his fax number is (907) 271-5950.

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