Essay: Introduction of American Government

12 Oct

Essay: Introduction of American Government

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Articles of confederation

This acted as the first constitution of the United States which was adopted in November 1777 though ratification of its articles to all the thirteen colonies fully took place in March 1781. This document was not satisfactory to many since it created a loose confederation of sovereign states and a weak central government, whereby most of the powers were left to the state government. With time, this triggered the need of a stronger document; the current United States constitution replaced the articles of confederation in March, 1789.


The constitution of the United States was written in 1787 but it was not until 1789 which became operational after its ratification and replaced the prevailing articles of confederation then. It is the same document that is operating in the federal government in the present day though some amendments have taken place with time. It was made to rectify the considerable power that was left in the hands of the state government in the articles of confederation

Bill of Rights

The bill of rights indicates the ten amendments that have taken place in the constitution of the United States since its ratification.

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