Essay: Fast Means of Transmission

12 Oct

Essay: Fast Means of Transmission

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With the advent of very fast means of transmission like the fiber optic cables, the rate of dissemination is even higher. Digital storage is so dense the ever-increasing quantities of materials can be stored in much smaller amounts of space. In the 1990s, pirates used CDs to store up to 600 megabytes of sound recordings and entire libraries of computer programs. These days, the iPod music player has the capacity for more than 60 times that amount which is around 10000 songs. In a way, digital technology is a double-edged sword.

Unlike in the past when the authors of original works had to make monumental investments in manufacture, packaging, and shipping of physical products, around the world, (Patterson 43) , they can now simply distribute their works of art on websites, which their fans can access from around the world (MacQueen 27).

Unfortunately, these same new technologies have made it possible for the pirates to make and distribute copies, which infringe on the copyright of the work owners. The main challenge the digital age has posed to copyright law is how to preserve the author’s incentive to compose new works and technologically distribute them in the face of competition from copyright infringers.

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