Essay: The Positivist Theory

17 Oct

Essay: The Positivist Theory

Sample Essay

This argument can be supported further using  the positivist theories where nations want to overturn things that do not work well for them and shape them into amore profitable position (Bartelson, 2006, p.391). Countries will always want to make other countries benefit less compared to themselves to establish a stronger national identity. Leadership theories dictate that behaviors of various nations are influenced by internal forces that determine how a country relates to others with politics shaping the destiny and the outcome (Jonathan 2010 p. 241).

Despite the fact that the positivist theory is more gentle, it only benefits a country that selfishly considers its interests of security and power above other nations. This further hampers efforts to globalization. Leadership theory is influenced by people with ability to analyze and speak out what they think is right for their country thus influencing responses to globalization (Jonathan 2010 p. 243).Both the theories support the argument in this paper but leadership theory is more influential.

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