Essay: Language Development

10 Oct

Essay: Language Development

Sample Essay

Language development in children is an important aspect in the child’s holistic development. The theories advanced on the development of language and communication serve as reminders to us that language development is a complex process. Every individual who wants to know the nature of language development has to read more and understand the concepts thereof.

Communication as a process and manifestation of language understanding is a process that requires clarity of the information and choice of a good channel if the child is to respond satisfactorily in language learning. This language is also closely related to symbolic play in children as it helps in decontextualization, syntactic competence, vocabulary building among others that are essential to language development of the children.

Evidently, there is a process involved in language development. Right from birth through eight years, the child develops its language sequentially with each stage of development having some basic characteristics. In a nutshell, language and communication development takes time and needs nurturing and understanding people to aid in its development in a child.

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