Essay: Adult Development Processes

12 Oct

Essay: Adult Development Processes

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This paper gives a reflection on the adult development processes. It was stated earlier long that practitioners ought to determine which elements are biological; cognitive and; socioemotional in the quest to understanding adult development. The development process has aspects that are in continuity and on the other hand, there are those aspects that are in discontinuity. The notion of age will vary in different respects in that they are viewed chronologically, biologically, psychologically, and socially.

There are three fundamental processes in development namely: biological process; cognitive process and; socialemotional process. . In clear terms, the basic dimensions of human development are body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the mind means the cognitive and the spirit means the social and emotional dimension. From a psychoanalytic point of view, behavior does not occur in a vacuum; it is always surfaced on certain grounds, not excluding the inherent workings of the mind embedded in it. Erik Erikson believed that human development takes place within the framework of psychosocial stages contrary to Freud theory.

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