Essay: Mitigation and global warming

10 Oct

Essay: Mitigation and global warming

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From the preceding sections, it is worth acknowledging that human activities contribute a great deal to this phenomenon. Therefore, it can also be concluded that they have the capacity to reverse the trend. Studies indicate that in order to attain sustainability, green house gas emissions need to be reduced by at least 70% (Gore, p.57; Green, p. 62). This calls for an urgent need to act at all levels to combat global warming and militate against catastrophes that could originate from it. This will require concerted efforts from all sectors of the society to ensure: increase in the global forest cover, employment of green energy and overall reduction of green house gases in the atmosphere by being signatory to treaties like the Montreal Protocol and encouraging cleaner production methods.

These increase production efficiency while at the same time eliminating or at least minimizing wastes and emissions at their source rather than treating them after they have been generated.

Other particularistic efforts include: shift to low carbon fuels and encouraging greater use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy and use of bio fuels. In addition, initiation of programs that are geared towards efficient energy supplies will also be instrumental. With regard to Agricultural production, Braasch highlights that a change in agricultural systems from fossil fuels dependent ones to naturally powered systems will help reduce emissions greatly (79). Additionally, increasing carbon sinks through practices like afforestation, agro forestry and re afforestation will go a long way in combating global warming. Furthermore, change of cattle feed will help reduce methane emitted. Likewise, the methane that is produced should be adopted as a green strategy and utilized in domestic production.

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