Essay: Juvenile delinquency-Discussion

20 Oct

Essay: Juvenile delinquency-Discussion

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The first and foremost subject of discussion is the fact that the feminism theory has been displayed in a unique way rather than the obvious gender fashion. Any kind of inequalities still sum up as an issue of demeaning another party basing on its weaknesses. This theory is very useful in this case as it enables us dig much deeper into the cases and view them in many ways. By use of such an integrated mode of crime analysis, criminologists who are the main party involved in policy making will be in a position to draft better laws to fight juvenile delinquency (Basemore & Walgrave, 1999).

Rather than generalizing the whole idea basing on existing theories, researchers should consider incorporating the modern state of living in further studying crimes amongst the young adults. It is probable that times have change and whatever earlier theorists used in coming up with certain concepts are outdated. For instance, the once conspicuous gender imbalance is under immense pressure and could be face d out any time soon. Therefore more attention should be focused on encouraging the youth to desist from committing crime or still make them delay their actions. Alternatively, measures aimed at helping them avoid some targets. When this is done, there is a possibility of a gradual decrease in crimes among potential perpetrators.

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