Essay: Juvenile delinquency-Cullen & Wright

20 Oct

Essay: Juvenile delinquency-Cullen & Wright

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According to Cullen & Wright (2002), policy formulators should also focus their energy on the punitive measures taken by the state criminal justice system against child offenders. Such policies should aim at hardening possible targets by introducing any provisions that would serve as an advantage to offenders. Community policing is also another important policy related measure. From the above incidences, it is evident that the incident was avoidable if the county authorities had taken serious what Brooks Brown’s mother reported as everybody around the two boys would have remained vigilant and possibly distract their plans.

Such actions matter a lot as it would serve as a preventive measure and at the same time helping even more in ensuring learning goes on uninterrupted by such incidences which could have long and far reaching implications. Potential offenders will also be assisted in dealing with the tribulations if what disturbs them is addressed as early as possible by imparting positivity in their rationality in making decisions.

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