Essay: Juvenile Delinquency- A Debatable Topic

20 Oct

Essay: Juvenile Delinquency- A Debatable Topic

Sample Essay

Given Juvenile delinquency has for a long time remained a debatable topic among psychologists, criminologisy and even socuialogist. A lot of opposing and concurring  uguements has  been  experienced with many researchers concentrating on real cause which can be explained using different theories rangibng from the classical to contemplary ones. The need to have a different view on causes of these crimes is mainly necessitated by the changed ways of living which has greately influenced the socio-cultural status of many societies.

Many theorists have come up with different explanations seeking to investigate this trends in juvenile crime. Some have associated it with factors such as race, gender, poverty which is depicted by poor socio-economic status. Other theorist associate it with childhood events such as sexualal or even other forms of physical abuse like to have been experienced by an individual. Peer group influence has also provided a large surface area for thriving of juvenile crimes thus quite a number of  available theories re associated this in a greater way. Authorities have also bee associated with juvenile crimes as they drive the criminal justice systems. This affects the way the young peole view them and any actions by the authorities automatically affectbthe reception to he by these younf offenders

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