Essay: Jub Soli-The law of the soil

10 Oct

Essay: Jub Soli-The law of the soil

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As the name suggests a Korean-Australian is a description of a native originally from Korea but with the identity of an Australian. This, therefore, means Koreans who identify themselves as Australians simply because they live within the Australian territories.

In law, it is said that jub soli which literally means the law of the soil. It is the principle that a person’s nationality at birth is determined by the territory within which he was born (Devlin 1961). This principle looks at the status of the Korean-Australian as legal and legitimate. Therefore and for the sake of this study it can be assumed that the rationale behind the relocation of the Korean-Australian into the internment camps was not racial discrimination but a civic exercise in eradicating other citizens from a different origin.

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