Essay: Criminal Law Reforms

17 Oct

Essay: Criminal Law Reforms

Sample Essay

Before I started my mission, I learnt from the media that there was a hot heated debate on criminal law reforms. I discovered that the system in this country was subject to changes by the leaders who happened to be the legislators and the political elites (European Committee, 1990, P. 11). Criminal laws based on religious background were the only acceptable doctrine in ant judicial material and stood no chance of amendment come rain or shine.

On my first tour to a local court, I was sure of more differences between the systems. Jury trials were the main judgment procedure. In this arrangement, a fact-finding mission is established to find the truth about a certain accusation (John, 1986, P. 39). This was different from my place as the verdict was only left to the judges to decide in a single sitting and come up with a judgment. Here the judge allowed further and intensive investigations to be conducted. The European system of criminal justice was actually fair compared to one in Muslim states.

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