Essay: The Korean war

10 Oct

Essay: The Korean war

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The US navy came to rescue the United Nations command (UNC) to avoid a disaster in the Far East. President Truman had to authorize the war in response against the communist regime and thus preserve sovereignty of the Korean people. In the first week of the battle, the CV-45, a US seventh flee carrier, heavy cruiser (CA-124), destroyers and three submarines were used (Marolda, 1995, p. 54). This helped the US bombard rail yards and other airfields out of their reach but in Pyong Yang.

Recent revelations from Moscow achieves revealed that the Russia premier Josef Stalin had promised military assistance to the US air operations an offer that was withdrawn after the initial attacks, perhaps the reason that made Moscow change its stand. The war saw aircraft and navy submarines patrol the skies of the Far East to avoid any surprise attacks. Air strikes destroyed 45 small only North Korean vessels allowing 600 troops to land in Pusan, the largest Korean port and capturing it.

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