Essay: Implementing the American Competent Model

18 Oct

Essay: Implementing the American Competent Model

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In order to successful implement the American competent model; the following step by step process can serve as an approach for UAE agencies which may wish to adopt the model in relation to their specific organization needs:

Phase One

This initial step is vital step in determining the success or failure of the entire process of implementation. Therefore a lot of caution should be taken at this phase by the senior mangers ‑­

when making decision in relation to the whole process. The fundamental activity to be employed is the use a job analysis process in order to identify the job tasks for HR positions. On this note, useful competency domains can be arrived at to give a holistic image of the desired outcome and integration of the competencies with Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM). But the caution must be taken in the kind of data used to arrive at the task lists. Jenkins, (2005) and Peter (2005) recommend that the data used should result from the consortium research materials and data received from authority agencies.

The task list may be started from abroad or based on their future work requirements and organizational requirements. However, it is a point of worth to point out that the weight, the level and its priority of competency in the overall needs of the Human Resources unit is dependent on such factors as: degree of competency customization needed to complement the

Organizational culture of the customer being serviced; the priority need for the competency to meet current and projected workload; the level of competency currently available on the HR staff; and the availability of the competency in the job market.

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