Essay: Life after prison-Research Philosophy

18 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-Research Philosophy

Sample Essay

Traditional explanations as to why things happen, why they happen and to who form the best platform for explaining the philosophical approaches I used in this research. In focusing to understanding the relationships between different sociological phenomena such as perceptions and knowledge about different subjects and how they relate to the world, I decided to use the theory on positivism. It seeks to explain these occurrences at a sociological perspective.

Philosophers who share in this school of though believe that the world dictates how certain subject can be understood and perceptions drawn without the influence of other possible focal points towards that issue (Kimmel, 1988, p. 9). Since perceptions are the pillar of this philosophy, it the goes hand in hand with the influence of perceptions to male ex-offenders, which affect their stay in the society, in this case fail to even secure jobs after prison.

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