Essay: Cause of Homosexuality

17 Oct

Essay: Cause of Homosexuality

Sample Essay

Essentialists hold to the use scientific studies finding a cause for homosexuality by incorporating biomedical view relating to homosexuality.

By use of biomedical scientific research in constructing essentialism expiation for causative for homosexual, essentialists therefore stresses that causative for homosexuality; for a homosexual, he is born a homosexual, and it is “nature” (Francis 2006). The research on sexual orientation based on the essentialism school of thought rests it assumptions on both on brain factors hormones or genetics or evolutionary course. And the main ideas that construct the theoretical foundation for the essentialism approach to causative of homosexuality are: there are underlying true essences for heterosexuality and homosexuality; there is discontinuity between heterosexuality and homosexuality; and there is constancy of these true essences across cultures and over time.

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