Essay: Gambling among the High School Students

18 Oct

Essay: Gambling among the High School Students

Sample Essay

The most appropriate method of carrying out this research is quantitative research. I will be trying to find relationship of different parameters and how they influence gambling and economic status of high school students, hence this kind of approach will work. Quantitative research is used to establish the relationships between two things, one inde[pendent and te other is usually dependent on some variables. A non-experimental approach will also be applied. This attempt to measure a population onceand as opposed to experimental or descriptive ones which measure a population more than once.

The study methods are used by researchers to learn about a complex situation based on the research questions and the hypothesis of the study. A researcher has an understanding of that particular instance and intends to provide comprehensive analysis and description of that situation basing it on one particular region in this case Nacerima State. This will enable seeking in depth description and understanding of the methods and also providing a chance for the evaluation and assessment of various causes of gambling among the high school students.. To increase reliability and validity of the results and the conclusions derived, various information sources will obviously be used like observations and analysis of secondary data. In addition, collection of data will be done simultaneously with secondary data collection to increase reliability of the information obtained.

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