Essay: Pressure faced by DD in the new satellite

18 Oct

Essay: Pressure faced by DD in the new satellite

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The severe pressure that Fursich says has faced DD in the new satellite and cable channels’ era awaits most of those other “traditional channels”-those that were there before the advent of commercial satellite television (Hamelink, 174).  This is because the media was government owned, and the basic purpose was to educate the masses making the need for financing an n entertainment channel veer off the reason for its establishment. Even as the general policy of these state-owned channels change, to borrow from the Doordashan’s case, the issue of tailing and not leading arises as he aptly states. Most state-owned media across the third world form poor matches to the numerous privately owned commercial channels; one is because their content is more dynamic and the channels are many.

The mention of the Television’s historical development since 1950’s serves as a base for understanding the notion of broadcasting as a tool for national development, a concept  that still rules in most African media settings (Eko 179). This tool for national development is what later turned to be a political tool. The argument here fits into the reality very well as stated by Cambridge (151) that the state owned and funded media were overly dependent on western programming and furthered the interests of the political elites while at the same time limiting the forms of expression and national identity development.

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