Essay: Evaluation of Nursing Performance

15 Oct

Essay: Evaluation of Nursing Performance

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The above information are all critical in the process of getting, processing, reflecting on the information and evaluating the nursing information as they all lead to the development of a comprehensive perspective in the field of nursing.

Evidence Based Practice provides an empirical way that enables the medical practitioners to get a way of how to know and to clinically apply the knowledge of appraising and applying the data which is available and research which is to be conducted in order to understand better how to make effective decisions on the best clinical approach to use. (Raines, 2008). Despite the fact that there are many other approaches that may be used in choosing the best method of making clinical decision, Evidence Based Practice approach provides the guidelines and the way that addresses issues on how to better take care for the patients in the best way possible. Therefore, because of this paper the following operational definition of EBP has been applied: it refers EBP to be the combination of the available evidence from nursing research with the best medical expertise and the values of the patients. The definition outlines the importance of combining research information and expert involvement together with the role of patients’ value in providing the best care to the patients. (Raines, 2008).

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