Essay: Use of Enzyme Inhibitors

18 Oct

Essay: Use of Enzyme Inhibitors

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Thirdly, is the use of enzyme inhibitors. Amyloid plaque remains a hallmark pathology for Alzheimer’s with the amyloid cascade providing targets for interventions to attack underlying mechanisms. Thus, interventions to reduce the amyloid plaque burden are widely proposed. Furthermore, the control of hypertension is evidence associated with reduced risk of cognitive impairment and dementia, characteristics of Alzheimer’s. Some studies have shown that effective control of hypertension is associated with cognitive benefit.

Hormone replacement strategies are also seen as beneficial mechanisms for the prevention of Alzheimer’s. There is an impression that estrogen may be beneficial in maintaining cognitive function and delaying dementia. The benefit of estrogen accrues from the fact that the hormone acts as a neurotrophin in the pyramidical cells of the CAI region which is known to degenerate in Alzheimer’s.Astrogen protects the hippocampal neurons thus reduces neural Aβ generation.

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