Essay: Urban analysis of Los Angeles

18 Oct

Essay: Urban analysis of Los Angeles

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In analyzing Los Angeles, postmodernist approaches do so using the logic that urban neighborhoods are what determine the focal point of the city. It becomes imperative to incorporate such aspects of fragmentations in such a contemporary city because it is in itself highly fragmented. This perspective is quite crucial in the urban analysis of today’s cities especially as it is evident that contemporary urban development is of a result of fragmented urbanism. In a bid to bring the diverse cultures together, various urban centers have been created in Los Angeles.

Forrester et al (2006, p.329) in their study of the Los Angeles school and its implication on ethnic diversities are keen to note that the postmodernist approach is applicable to Los Angeles only up to a particular extent. Indeed there are few metropolitans which can compare to Los Angeles’ unique diversity and it seems that the city is presenting a new urban form. This claim only signifies the need for a postmodernist approach as befits the postmodernist society evident in Los Angeles. The presence of many ethnicities has led to the decline of ethnic segregations in Los Angeles and the emergence of ethnically mixed housing areas.

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