Essay: Hunger

17 Oct

Essay: Hunger

Sample Essay

There are three different operational definitions of hunger used by different researchers. One of these is that of leaving a rat hungry for at least 12 hours so that this operation can result to hunger.  Another way is that of behavior in which the rat is made to work to prove whether it is hungry or not since it is assumed that a hungry rat cannot work. Whichever operation used, the results are converging because the exactness increases confidence. Regardless of the operational definition used, with repeated observations, the results are always converging because the conclusion is the same (Goodwin, 2007).

It is difficult to hear scientists prove a theory as true because not all the researchers agree on the realized results. There has to be scholars arguing against and others for the theory and since they cannot agree on the theory in unison, it is not possible to say it is true.  Theories do not enough facts to make them scientifically proven hence cannot be argued to be true.

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