Essay: Dehumanization

17 Oct

Essay: Dehumanization

Sample Essay

Dehumanization is the way perpetrators perceive their victims to extend that they no longer appear to be human beings before them (Kelman1958). While scapegoating, is blaming victims for misfortunes of perpetrator’s side (Kelman1958).

For instance, is a common perception the German especially Hitler and his Nazi counterpart, had for Jews were part of global conspiracy; thus, were the cause for their defeat in First World War and consequently Germany problems (Levi 1973). Habituation is notion according to social psychological approach means that an individual that is used to small scale violence like looting, killing and abusing can gradual increase the behavior to a large scale level. Evidently, the perpetrators started with killing 100, 0000 Jews in 1933, but this number increased ten times to over 1 million Jews in a year.

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