Essay: Causes and Effects of Organizational Stressors

17 Oct

Essay: Causes and Effects of Organizational Stressors

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Research has explained that such kind of stressor have its causes and consequences which are very specific to particular situations .If a company has a bad boss, the level of trust in  the management will decline and result to depression and anger, thus induce stress in the organization.

According to chief executive officers in a fortune 500 company, constant reshuffle and reorganization has to be done in order to evaluate and reevaluate the performance and wellbeing of the employer and thus improve on the relationship between worker-worker and worker-employer (Wilmer 1997).This will enable the company to identify any upsurge of such stressor and handle it in the uniqueness of its situation.

The stimulator of this kind of organizational stressor is the bad boss syndrome. Recent studies in the US have suggested that bad bosses may cause havoc to the company. On many occasions these bad bosses seem to be hardworking, experienced or even result oriented persons, but still they become interpersonally challenged (Cary 1998).If you approached a Canadian folk and asked them how it feels to work with a bad boss, the response would be source of all sorts of stress.Generally, such bosses hamper performance, reduce productivity and even lowers the morale of the workers. After 20 years of research, Saratoga institute  reported that out of the 600,000 people interviewed , 80% of them accepted having been stressed up by their bosses and the result was that their relationships with the bosses was unsatisfactory and their performance vey dismal (Armstrong 2007).

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