Essay: Diversity in Dallas

19 Oct

Essay: Diversity in Dallas

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Dallas, for example has many corporations which have extended their commitment to diversity through participation in the Dallas Together Forum Private Sector Covenant for Workplace Diversity.

The goals of the organizations are built on the premise that they would benefit substantially from increased participation of the ethnic minorities in the areas economic mainstream.


From media interests, education, information technology to financial institutions the bottom line of organizations hinge on responding to the realities of diversity. Increasingly, successful companies are making a connection between promoting and managing diversity for competitive advantage. Understanding and responding to the wealth of the country is more of a critical component of success rather than a matter of choice (Robinson, 2006, p.188). 


TheUnited Statesworkforce consisting of ages between twenty five and sixty four years is in the midst of a sweeping demographic transformation. From 1980 through to 2020, the population of white working is projected to decrease immensely from approximately 83% to 63%. Over the same period, the projected population of the minority workforce is estimated to double from about 18% to 37% while the Hispanic population is estimated to triple from about 6% to 17%. The shift in this data is traced to two causes; a larger percentage of the working class population, that is, below forty four years of age is dominated by ethnic minorities while majority of white workers are closing in on the retirement age. However, despite increasing levels of ethnic diversity in nearly all states, 90% of Hispanics and Latinos reside in just sixteen of all states and African Americans in twenty one states (Robinson, 2006, pp.205-212).

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