Essay: Workforce Diversity Management

Sample Essay – Diversity Management

Effective diversity management requires managers to have a rich awareness and understanding of contemporary identity group dynamics, openness to continuous learning and development with the emergence of new identity groups and issues, and an exposure to a rich variety of organizational responses (Harris 2010) that can provide a foundation for developing new management solutions relevant in the future.

Effective management of diversity at the workplace cannot take place without good leadership. A good leader; learns the professional aspirations of his team members and supports their efforts to achieve these aspirations. Such aspirations may incorporate career development or successions planning; creates opportunities for highly talented employees to be exposed leaders who may not otherwise interact with them.

These opportunities come about through presenting reports, being represented in meetings or conferences; creates cross-functional teams among employees to accomplish tasks as the  restructuring of organizations has cut down on the management positions (Harris 2010); volunteers for community projects that teach on tolerance, both directly and indirectly.

One therefore becomes a role model and  one’s attitude and appreciation for diversity is enhanced; delegates duties fairly so as to develop employees skills and reduce overworking which affects productivity in the long run; communicates and supports intolerance of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior; evaluates performance objectively through clarified criteria; and, considers individual needs when enforcing company policies and guidelines which are the determinants of diversity at the workplace.

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