Essay: Definitions of Cyborg and Cyborg Culture

14 Oct

Essay: Definitions of Cyborg and Cyborg Culture

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After definite end of World War II, the explosion of the atomic bomb was a subsequent era which included the cold war and the space race. This was due to an intense technological innovation and competition.  Most people questioned the infallibility of the scientific method, the concerns about science and technology resulted to the concept of the cyborg. A cyborg is an abbreviation of “cybernetic organism” which refers to the possibility of artificial enhancement and ability of human being to survive better in extraterrestrial environments. Since then, the concept has broadened to include human beings as a whole both real and imagined.

The existence of cyborg’s necessitates the coexistence of human and machine with the values and ideas associated with them. Cyborg is often perceived as an epitome of the post modern human being. It is evident that the gradual acceptance of post modernism is accompanied by an increased awareness of the social construction of science field. Importantly, cyborg is significant concept which is well suited with science perspective that can be historically and philosophically explored (Ding and Wake).

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