Essay: Corporate Culture

Sample Essay – Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of a firm is what is responsible for all that happens in the firm. A corporate culture involves all the behaviors, values, philosophy and ethics that make the company policies. Corporate designs the method or style to be followed in doing everything in the firm.

Corporate culture should be seen as the foundation in which an organization bases all its operations. It is very important to note that the decisions made, problems solved, thinking of all the stakeholders of a firm are influenced by the corporate culture. This implies that both corporate culture and the company are inseparable for none can exist without the other. The corporate culture of a firm is determined by the reason one gets into business. This further implies that if the owner of the business knows why he started his business, the corporate culture is clear and functioning. A strong corporate culture will therefore help the firm realize its goals with ease. Everything which needs to be done will be clearly stated and this will make it easy for all the employees work towards the realization of the goals of the organization.

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