Essay: Essentials of Corporate Restructuring

Sample Essay – Restructuring

Blair et al. (1991) offer a guideline for conducting successful restructuring that can result in desired outcomes. These guidelines ensure the company has enough liquidity to operate during the implementation of a complete restructuring, produce accurate working capital forecasts, and provide open and clear lines of communication with creditors who mostly control the company’s ability to raise financing and update detailed business plans and considerations.

Key functions must be re-engineered after completing these essential steps in restructuring a business. Reengineering of the key functions shall include: stay bonus, sale of underutilized assets like brands or patents, outsourcing of operations from an effective third party, moving of operations to lower-cost locations, reorganization of functions such as sales, marketing, and distribution (Shivdasani, 1997).

Additionally, there is labor contract renegotiation to reduce overhead and reduce interest payments by refinancing corporate debt. Lastly, there ought to be a major public relations campaign through investing in massive advertisements to reposition the company with consumers (Shivdasani, 1997).

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