Essay: Ethical Considerations in Research

Sample Essay

Ethical considerations in carrying out research are an integral part of any research study. Its importance is quite pertinent and omitting it may lead to dire consequences. In the article, there are no indications of any ethical underpinnings to the study.

The web survey does not provide any contractual agreement detailing the object of the research and reasons for research. Whether in the web survey or interviews carried out by the researcher, they are required to make the potential research participant understand their role in the research process. Bell (2005, p.45) argues that it is insufficient when the interviewer just displays the contract and expects the participant to sign it. Seeking consent of the participants is important and the article has no evidence that these measures were taken. In the view of a lack of consent or infringed privacy, researchers are liable to facing legal repercussions which may waylay their research. Moreover, as an interviewer it is crucial to ask questions in a respectful manner which takes into consideration the various characteristics of the participants. Dealing with internet interviews may require one to infer on the appropriate time for the interview and researchers should take any recommendations respectfully. In cases of any shortcomings caused by ineffective ethical considerations, the article should have stated so. Despite this, the web survey allowed participants to engage in the study at their own time and the questions used were in no way inappropriate.

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