Essay: Cyborg and Cyborg Culture

14 Oct

Essay: Cyborg and Cyborg Culture

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The concept of cyborgization consist of two parts namely the extraordinary combination of cybernetics and human organization. One part of concept is a consensual cybernetics which is in support self-organization that revolves around shared goals leading to utopian geniality. The other path is based on cybernetic optimization of performance which results to loss of personal freedom and dignity.  These paths resulting to cyborgization of the future are not crossroads.  The choice is not on one between the paths, they both run through human heart. Commitment can be made on consensual cybernetics which leads to performance without losing human freedom and dignity to convivial cybernetics.

The future of the universe is inevitable; it is a growing complex, interdependent and conscious concept. The future relies on future of cybernetics collection since the desirable and sustainable features that are assimilated are chosen in every day life (Murphy, 1999). The cyborg explorations include the developments of artificial intelligence, reproductive technologies, prostheses and feminist theory. It is inevitable that the post-human age and technologies of the future and elements of the cyborg culture, such as bio-engineering, life prolonging, artificial intelligence, reproductive technologies, prostheses, feminist theory and neural upgrades will be sought after it dominates the market, despite the need for extreme wealth since its inception. The availability of such human evolution of extensions, substitution and enhancement will be of extreme value and in high demand when they first hit the market. The cost for better memory, organ replacement, neural implants and eternal life will be like that of any other new technology that comes along.

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