Essay: Distinguishing facets of communication

14 Oct

Essay: Distinguishing facets of communication

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This assists in distinguishing and assessing all facets of communication (Lister, 2008). For the client to know you care and know he is not alone, it is important to pay attention and also try putting yourself in the client’s shoes. Finally, the counselor should get the best possible assistance he or she needs as this skill shows that you have the client in mind (Heap, 2004). Lister picks out discretion as an important practice in counseling. In fact, she describes it as paramount when it come to counseling as one should not disclose anything discussed with the client during counseling (Lister, 2008).

Self reflection is an important principle that I should carry with me and apply it during the field placement. According to Kiser (2000) this assists one to asses if the action plan being used is effective or it should be changed. A counselor should also practice growth. Learning to grow from the hardships and challenges one faces during practice is essential as it assists the counselor deal with the same issues in a better way the next time it arises (Lister, 2008).

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