Essay: Cyborg Culture

14 Oct

Essay: Cyborg Culture

Sample Essay

People are living in post-human age where the boundaries between nature and culture have been completely dissolved due to emergence of cyborg culture.  The appearance of cyborg culture comes with its benefits and disadvantages in everyday life. The culture is part of science characterized by scientific and natural components with changes that can either be embraced or strongly resisted by the society.  The modernization and globalization in post human age has made humans to be dependent on technological components and the change is rapid due to technological innovations. People find it necessary to integrate artificial components on the body mechanisms to keep pace with changes in the society. Despite the increase on cyborgs cultural population and change in human anatomy, struggle is being experienced between the technology elite, information-rich and the information-poor groups.

The article focuses on the emergence of cyborg culture,   benefits and disadvantages brought by cyborgization to the society in everyday life. What is viewed when future is focused has implications on the current state and future based on choices made. The outcome of predictions made is not based on the accuracy but ability to mobilize human intentions and efforts to create desirable and sustainable future. Technology has impact on culture which not only separates one generation ideals from the next generations but also impacts the next generation ideals as rapidly as they are formed.

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