Essay: Countries high on IDV

Sample Essay Summarizing what each of these dimensions entails, PDI measures how the weaker members of a cultural group or institution are treated and how they perceive the power distribution. It could be equal or unequal and this illustrates how a society’s weaker individuals accept that power distribution. Some societies might accept it as a part of life and some may view it as a weakness. No matter what the case, inequality exists and it is how the members perceive it and whether or not they want to change it that quantifies this dimension. Moreover, where PDI is high, senior members have more power and exert more influence, and are respected and awed by the weaker or less significant members. IDV is measuring again collectivism. This scales how society holds together and how the individual members of the society view their ambitions and goals versus that of the society or the group. Countries high on IDV have individuals who are looking to further their own goals even if it is at the expense of the group. Moreover in an individualistic society, organizations tend to hire on the basis of merit of the individual and his or her qualifications vis-à-vis collectivist societies which tend to protect the interests of the employees at large and might retain employees while incurring higher costs rather than take in new and more efficient people.
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