Essay: Competing in the international labor market

Sample Essay Workers are trying to get the best education from the best of places, regardless of location, in order to compete effectively in the international labor market. Going back to the issue of outsourcing, companies do it to reduce their costs of production and to get a competitive advantage in terms of quality and service. May call-centers have sprouted up to cater to the growing need for better and cheaper services, so that today companies that are based in the UK have a call center in Bangladesh where the customer services rep responds to the queries of a UK client based in Bangladesh, without the customer realizing that he has called another part of the world. It may be argued that globalization does weave fancy tales of a win-win situation for all, however, so is not the case when the playing field is not even and some nation-states are not as developed or as stable as the Western countries and their economies need time on their own to strengthen their organizations and bring them at par with the world’s standards to compete at a level playing field.
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