Essay: Studying in a foreign country

Sample Essay Studying overseas is a phenomenon that has gained momentum ever since communications and transportation has become cost-effective and its use has become widespread. This study aims to understand why students chose to leave their friends and family behind. Moreover, through this exercise, we aim to realize the problems faced by international students and what their perceptions are regarding their experience abroad. The recent trends and the accelerated rate of globalization have resulted in the amalgamation of many cultures and have indeed resulted in the world being borderless. Keeping this in mind, studying overseas has become a common phenomenon for many students as parents and children are looking to other countries with better academic institutions, in search of a more enriching educational experience. I feel that studying in a foreign country is a good way of having a life experience and a lot of knowledge, even though one may not achieve their goals. Because even though the goals of a student might not be met, in that he or she may not be able to complete, or might be unsuccessful at their attempts at their designated choice of an academic career, but when they study aboard they gain much more than just education. What they get is a real-life experience that helps develop their personalities and gives them lessons in independence and managing their own survival.
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