Essay: Challenges to Copyright laws

12 Oct

Essay: Challenges to Copyright laws

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Like many other aspects of life, the copyright law has also been affected by the technological change (Sorce 127). Nowadays, all changes ;taking place in the world and hitting the headlines are in one way or the other related to digital communications and digital technology networks like the computers and the personal computers (PCs). Unfortunately, these innovations despite their apparent importance have come up with several harms to the various parties who are involved or interested in the usage of works of authorship. The reasons, which have contributed, to the challenges currently facing the copyright law include the ease with which original works can be reproduced very fast, cheaply and without loosing the original quality(Marybeth 49).

 Each copy in turn has the potential to be reproduced into many other copies and retain the original quality. In this way therefore, it is possible to it is possible for a single copy in digital form to supply the needs of several millions of users. The ease with which information can be disseminated across the global digital networks has much censorship hard. It is possible to disseminate information from a single point to several other individuals. Each person who receives the disseminated information has the potential to further spread it to the rest of the global digital family.

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