Essay: Copyright Infringement

12 Oct

Essay: Copyright Infringement

Sample Essay

This law limits ISPs from copyright infringement simply by transmitting information over the internet. However, the service providers are expected to remove materials amounting to copyright infringement from the client’s websites (Rosen 82). Also limited is the liability of non-profit institutions of higher learning when they double as online service providers and in some cases for copyright infringement by faculty members or the graduate students (Rimmer 13). It was during this period that Canada, United States and Mexico joined more than 60 other countries in coming up with internet treaties. These treaties were a US driven response to the problems posed by copy right because of digital age (Silverthorne 36).

Proposed Laws

There is a proposed plurilateral trade agreement called the Anti-Countering  Trade Agreement (ACTA), whose opponents claim that it is in response to the increase in the global trade of various counterfeit goods both physical as well as information technology and internet distribution (Rosen 80). In late 2007 the United States, Japan, the European community Mexico and several other countries said they would negotiate ACTA while many more countries have shown the interest of joining (Marybeth 7).

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