Essay: Legislation in Copyright Law

12 Oct

Essay: Legislation in Copyright Law

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This legislation if passed would require the ISP to inform the customer that they had violated the law and if it turned out to be a court case, give out the customer’s details of the violator to the copyright holder. In addition, it proposes to make ISPs and The search engines immune from the copyright violations of their customers. The new law also proposes to reduce penalties to maximum of $ 5000 down from current $ 20000. Areas, which have caused uproar, include the clause on breaking of digital locks placed on a device, file, or disc (Rosen 58). For example illegalization of copying a digital song which has copy protection on it. It makes illegal the circumvention of these codes. In addition, a television broadcaster is authorized to lock the programs they air in order to curb recording.

 Also targeted in the bill is the banning on sale of those tools used to break the codes and allows the copyright holders to go for the websites encouraging breaking the law through acts of piracy (Rosen 19). This has been inspired by the simple logic that without the necessary tools for infringing on these locks, they will be rendered impossible to compromise. However, there arose mixed reactions from the bill with the executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers saying that the legislation will make it very difficult for university and college teachers to access and use copyrighted materials for teaching and learning (Silverthorne 20).

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