Essay: Case Study of MTV

17 Oct

Essay: Case Study of MTV

Sample Essay

Though MTV has made efforts to succeed in global market, of late it has failed to achieve its objectives and this has been attributed by the following factors;

The manufacturing operations are kept in sync and the centers are cost effective.

  • MTV international has severally learned to learn from its mistakes and this has created a negative global image, e.g. I 1999 it failed to capture the Indians youth after inception since the youth were deep rooted to their traditional music, this means that the management had poorly carried out its market research and this led to its failure.
  • MTV international has failed severally to identify the needs of its customers and this had led to its failure in the global market.
  • It has also failed change to the different policies existing in different market environment, e.g. in US, the media is normally commercialized whereas in many other countries, the media is controlled by the government.
  • The MTV management has promised many changes which eventually were not implemented these includes the UnfURLed which was to be launched in January 1997 but it did not launch it. It does not carry out enough market research to improve its services and therefore has faced a lot of competition from the rival firms.

The above failures in global market are associated to failure of the management.