Essay: Effects of Spine Therapies on Somatosomatic Reflexes

17 Oct

Essay: Effects of Spine Therapies on Somatosomatic Reflexes

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Manipulation on law back pain in treatment has been proved to cause an alteration in motoneuron excitability (Harry  et al., 2004, p. 173). It is also evident that these therapy triggers paraspinal muscle reflexes. These effects cause muscle impairments especially in asymptomatic patients whose paraspinal EMG activity increased after their thoracic, cervical lumber and sacroiliac regions were subjected to spinal manipulations. Similarly spinal manipulation using Activator Adjusting Instruments triggers activity of the paraspinal EMG within 2-3 ms. This effect further harms muscle coordination which can lead to total destruction of the same.

Effect on somatovisceral reflexes

Spinal manipulation procedures have been found to be responsible for a somatovisceral change and altered paraspinal sensory input (Tulder, 2006, p. 378). Visceral reflexes have been found to be evoked by sensory inputs from a para spinal tissue. This effect can result into organ dysfunction as a result of sympathetic nervous system being affected by the resultant visceral reflexes. Non-noxious paraspinal sensory input inhibits sympathetic outflow as noxious input cause excitation effect. This effect on somatovisceral reflexes have not yet been associated with any region of the body but the studies have shown that somatovisceral reflexes can be caused by neural input emanating from axial tissues.

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