Essay: Effects of spinal manipulations on the immune system

17 Oct

Essay: Effects of spinal manipulations on the immune system

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The immune system is well coordinated with the nervous system. Endogenous mediators such as cytokines and neuroendocrine peptides mediate mutual communication between the two (Gibbons et al. 2009, p. 110). Physiological immune responses may be altered in reactions such as inflammatory responses if autonomic nervous system is activated. Publications of the chiropractic literature suggest that spinal manipulative treatment (SMT) affects the immune system.

T-cell-mediated humoral (B cell) response is altered by a single SMT, which lowers the bodies’ ability to shield itself from diseases (112). SMT have also been found to cause an effect on production of cytokines, a type of soluble mediator that participates in inflammatory reactions display. However, these facts have not yet been proved and extensive research is underway to verify these claims.

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