Essay: How to Build Professions

17 Oct

Essay: How to Build Professions

Sample Essay

A profession is an engagement between an individual and an activity in the sense that the individual knows the activity and can do it practically rather than technically (Peine, 2007, p. 7). Career and job satisfaction are the main issues that a professional development or growth plan seek to address. It enables people to plan and therefore take responsibility of ensuring that they are comfortable with what they are doing. This not only adds to individual satisfaction but also improves the overall output of any organization. According to (Rennekamp, 2011), technological advancements and evolution in the way people do things are the major reasons why one needs to improve his or her professional status. This is to match and meet modern career demands.

Older ways of doing things are almost becoming obsolete with very little left to borrow from them. Such a change has resulted in a career environment that is very competitive with less assured job security for “under qualified” individuals. This professional plan therefore aims at investigating some of the most powerful and reliable techniques available for developing a profession. Strategies such as adult education and technology applications and how they can be used to help professionals commit themselves in lifelong learning will be evaluated. A brief review of how professional growth plans have been used in different fields will also be used to assess the effectiveness of some strategies available and further evaluate their applicability in different circumstances. This comprehensive professional growth plan is designed for my colleagues with the main objective being how they can build their professions.

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