Essay: Boyhood with Gurdjieff

Learning can take various approaches, but the result is supposed to bring about change of actions and beliefs. Conflict has sometimes been applied as a tool for resolving differences among enhancing individuals with distinct personalities resulting into an enhanced bond of coexistence among the subjects. ‘Boyhood with Gurdjieff’ is a story depicting a school setting where we have the students, Miss Madison who is a teacher, and Gurdjieff who is supposedly a principle who has been absent for some time, but, had left the Miss Madison to look after the students.  Upon return, Gurdjieff is given the names of the undisciplined students together with the number of offences each committed. Surprising however, against any ones expectation, Gurdjeff rewarded in monetary terms each person according to the number of offences committed with the person having many offences getting the highest pay and vice versa. For Miss Madison, she got the least pay. This might look ridiculous, and this forms the major conflict in the story.
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