Essay: Unfruitful Business

Sample Essay

The time spent in the development of new business strategies in order to attract more shipping firms was also unreasonably long. The formation of the team therefore proved to be an unfruitful business due the many inconveniences, misunderstanding and the consistent difference in the perspectives on very delicate matters concerning the partnership (Steve, 2006; Wright, 2005, pp. 123-328).

Team formation would have been necessary if the team members would have properly been coordinated in order to ensure that the fully work as a team that enhances sharing of a common vision and mission. An individual should have been hired to help in laying down the different mechanisms to help in coordination of the team and set the necessary mechanisms to be used in resolving disputes in the team. Multidisciplinary teams tend to more important than the interdisciplinary teams. In the multidisciplinary teams, there is no unnecessary competition among the team members and that mutual respect can easily be enhanced.

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