Essay: Business Strategy

17 Oct

Essay: Business Strategy

Sample Essay

In efforts to continue being the leading pizza delivery firm in the US whilst at the same time remaining a global brand, Domino’s employs a number of strategies that form its backbone. One of the strategies is continued execution of the mission statement.

To achieve this, the franchisee and firm’s owned stores are given attention whenever decisions are being made or implemented, offer unlimited support to stores and franchisees and establish loyal clients. To achieve the above, there are principles that are employed. These principles are:

  • Giving first priority to consumer demand
  • Maintaining high standards of integrity
  • Working extra hard to make every client loyal
  • Improving Domino performance daily

Domino’s also focuses on expanding the domestic market share while still running competitive business operations. In addition, Domino’s ensures that its strong brand name is sustained hence becoming first choice for all clients.

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