Essay: Aristotle and the Constitution of Athens

15 Oct

Essay: Aristotle and the Constitution of Athens

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In this part of paper I will write about the Aristotle’s criticism of the aristocratic constitution which existed during his life time between, 384-322 B.C.  According to ISN (2007) the upper class (aristocrats) and the people (peasant) were divided by party strife for a long period. The Athenian government of the time was organized around the oligarchic system whereby the rich oppressed the poor people together with their wives and children.

History suggests that the analysis of the Athenian constitution was written by Aristotle or one of his students by the name of Xenophon. However, the research evidence shows that Aristotle part in writing some of his 170 articles of this constitution, though the majority of work is attributed to his students.

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