Essay: Constitution changes in Ancient Athens

12 Oct

Essay: Constitution changes in Ancient Athens

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This paper has been examining the emergence, developments and consequences of constitution changes in Ancient Athens. It began by looking examining the constitution that was in existence during the time of Aristotle, his analysis and suggestion about that constitution in relation to the social cultural contexts of his day. The second looked the emergence of second constitution which came about after the peasant revolution which arose due to inequality and ideas of justice. The society where Aristotle lived was ruled by aristotracts and based on oligarchy characteristised by unequal distribution of property and political rights. Thus the poor masses led by people like Solon managed to mobilize the poor masses to stand up against aristocracy and establish democratic governments.

Although, a new constitution came to place under the leadership of Solon that established democratic ideals, same social problems continued to plague the city of Athens. However, the city of Athens began to grow at high level having much political power and influence economic power, which were being envied by their neighbor from Sparta. This led to the outbreak of the war, between Athens and Sparta which I have covered in some detail in the third section. The outbreak of the war reiterated the importance of Navy power to any empire.

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