Essay: The Rise and Fall of Athens

19 Oct

Essay: The Rise and Fall of Athens

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In this part of paper I will write about rise and fall of Athens and the emergence of the new constitution. The writer of constitution that existed in Athens during the time Aristotle and Draco was anonymous. This constitution stipulated that an appointment of government officials or magistrates was to be based on birth and wealth. The state officials who consisted of the King, Pole march and the Archon and were meant to rule for life, and then for another ten years (ISN, 2007 & Kenyon, 2009).

Draco, who was the King at the time, brought in new ordinances that were organized around the concept of franchise and favored only those who could furnish themselves with military equipment (Kenyon, 2009). A council or an assembly of four hundred and one members  chosen from  a wide choice of citizens, and established along the concepts of possessing the franchise to executive law and order in the states ( ISN, 2007). But not even this new constitution could solve the existing strife between the slaves (peasant) and the upper class (aristocrats).

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