Causative Analysis: Truancy

14 Oct

Causative Analysis: Truancy

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There are a number of causes contributing to truant behavior. Such causes are related to the student’s poor self-concept (such as low self-esteem) and low academics grades, particularly in reading and math.  Students are socially isolated, lack poor inter-personal skills (such as positive peer relationships at school) and age appropriate peers who may be associated with bullying others. Children become disinterested when school seems boring, too difficult or unlikely to lead anywhere. Many schools and other agencies lack the training, support, or simply time to get to the root of very difficult problems such as dealing with those with low qualifications.

Those who miss school are more likely to be out of work at age 18 and are more likely to become homeless. For example, over three-quarters of homeless teenagers in one study were either long-term non-attendees or had been excluded from school (Mandelson, 1998).  Truancy definitely has the nation’s attention because truant behavior can lead to many other social problems. Truancy had been labeled one of the top ten problems in this country (DeKalb, 2003).

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